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Jesspa for iOS

The time event driven management app for iOS let's you save money everyday

Jesspa helps you to avoid unwanted payments while parking your car, renting a bicycle (or any other equipment), it keeps you informed about your coffee and/or tea infusion time, baking and/or cooking time and has numerous other application areas. Jesspa helps you to save money and time so that you will have more of both of them to spend as you want.

Jesspa is an event based time and reminder app for iOS. You can simple create an event in just seconds, setup the duration, sound and visual reminder to get up and running and be informed on time. It's sound easy and indeed it is. The objective from Jesspa is to keep you on track whatever happens with your event. The app uses, audio, visual aspects and vibration to inform you at the right time - and of course, it doesn't matter whether the app is started or not, in foreground or background.


Jesspa screen shots

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Running event

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Time sections

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Where to buy

You can buy Jesspa on the Apple App Store.