Yes, it's true - one of our latest iPhone development "Jesspa", which is used to help manage time consuming events like renting items, parking and keeping track of your coffee brewing time or your souffle, is yet released and ready to download free of charge. More...


We have changed our hardware equipment and switched to VoIP, which led to a change of our landline phone number. From now on customers can reach us in Germany under:

Phone +49 211 247 00 47-0

All customers who are on our mailing list, will be informed by email as well. If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email to info@kse.de


We are happy to present our new website. It isn't just a new website for us, it is also a new philosophy which the company now follows.

We have been in the Windows Mobile industry for more than a decade and are now strongly focusing on the Apple operating system environment with innovative ideas and well designed products for the worldwide market.



The on time event management app Jesspa helps you to be on point when it is needed


Under development


Let us know when you want to profit from our experience in user interface design and rapid prototyping


The Swift 3 programming language will be widely used in our upcoming apps and for the first time we are going to use it to develop swift based backend server software on Amazon EC2 and IBM framework Kitura - all running under Ubuntu Linux systems.


Since the company was founded in 1993 by Kurt Krueger it has never lost its power to design innovative products for the consumer market and for industrial companies. Well known manufacturers all over the world from Asia to the United States put their trust in KSE’s products and we are glad and proud of this fact.

KSE started its business with the development of a range of database desktop software products for area and bank codes called PLZDirectory and BLZDirectory as well as an address book software. Furthermore, when Microsoft announced the windows mobile operating system, we saw the opportunity to support Windows CE - later Windows Mobile - with a comprehensive range of products in very different segments, such as KSE Abacus XT a calculator app, the KSE Entertainment Pack which was - amongst other things - sold via Medion a reseller of Aldi, and many more.

Another important milestone was the success of a mobile fax solution KSE Truefax which enabled the user to send and receive faxes from a mobile device. This was a novum at this time and companies like HTC, Telekom, Vodafone and other big players deployed KSE Truefax on their mobile devices.

We now focus to support the Apple operating systems with a wide range of products for the iPhone and iPad, macOS and tvOS with innovative consumer and client-oriented products.



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